Woking Golf Club walk

Woking GolfWoking boasts one of the highest concentrations of gold courses in the country. Opportunities to walk among their carefully tended lawns are rare – unless of course you are playing a round of golf.

Thank to public footpaths, we can all enjoy this easy walk across Woking Golf Course, with woodland stretches and attractive views across the course. The only slope – and a gentle one at that – is on a tarmac road, so the walk is easy for a wheelchair or buggy pusher.

2 km (1.2 miles)

Start location
The walk is accessible only by car: you should park in Pond Road (a wide residential street) between its junctions with Mile Path and Golf Course Road. Click HERE to see this location on Streetmap.  Postcode for satnavs: GU22 0JZ.

The route

The golf course pond

Hungry heron!

Continue ahead along the public footpath until you reach a road, then turn left along the footpath through the trees. If you have a buggy or wheelchair, after crossing the fairway you must deviate from the public footpath which is too narrow and rough. Instead, head through the trees (widely spaced) to the left of the footpath. Continue ahead to reach a wide footpath and turn left.

Follow this long straight path through woodland; you may have to skirt around a couple of muddy patches. Continue straight ahead across two fairways: check for players before crossing.

After the second fairway (still continuing straight ahead) you enter a passage between hedges. This leads to Pond Road and the starting point of the walk.

Royer Slater
October 2011
Revised March 2013

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