The Sculpture Park, Churt

Surrey has an enchanting 10 acre garden of woodland, lakes, streams and walkways, hidden in a narrow valley and home to a many wild birds as well as a residential flock of doves. And 850 magnificent sculptures are displayed throughout the site!

Yes, this is The Sculpture Park, which has one of the finest and most extensive collections of sculpture and artists in the UK, laid out within beautiful gardens at Churt, near Farnham.

One of the three ponds

The Park is a showcase for over 300 renowned and emerging artists. Almost all the sculptures displayed are available for sale for garden and interior designers, collectors and investors. As a result the exhibits are forever changing.

The statues are modern and contemporary, of all sizes and in a variety of materials including bronze, marble, granite, glass, wood, copper, slate, steel and stone. Some are lifelike, others abstract. Some are beautiful to look at, others thought-provoking.

The Park has two miles of scenic footpaths to explore, with many seats (themselves sculptures!) along its colour-coded trails.

Children are welcome but, as a sign at the entrance warns, it is an art gallery, not a playground, so they should be well-behaved and not touch the exhibits!

There is easy wheelchair access to the footpaths around the three ponds at the centre of the Park, about which a good selection of the exhibits are displayed, but the steepness of the woodland trails means wheelchairs and those who have walking difficulties will not have close access to the artworks located in the woods.

The Park is open every day from 10am to 5pm. The entry charge is £10 per adult, or just £5 for students, children aged 4-15, senior citizens and concessions. The Park doesn’t offer refreshments so you are encouraged to take a picnic, or you are welcome to come and go from the gardens throughout the day of your visit to eat lunch elsewhere. My wife and I took a picnic and spent a delightful four hours there.

The Sculpture Park’s web site includes many photos and a virtual tour to whet your appetite: see It’s a great day out!

Royer Slater
April 2018


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