Goldsworth Park Lake, Woking

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Goldsworth Park Lake is the sparkling gem within a large housing development (“Goldsworth Park”) built during the 1970s and 1980s. The lake was created to prevent flooding by taking water run-off from the surrounding residential area during heavy rainfall through. Water enters the lake through three large concrete inlet pipes and stored until it is safe to release it into the river system. The water level is controlled automatically by an underground weir and pump.Goldsworth Park Lake

Local volunteers and groups have worked hard to encourage wildlife, and the lake is home to a water sports centre and angling club.

A tarmac path runs all around the circumference, a distance of 1.25 km (0.75) miles, providing continuous views across the lake. (Only look the other way if you have a passion for brickwork!)

Although the path surface is in good condition and its gradients are shallow, self-propelling a wheelchair is made difficult by its cambers (presumably to encourage water drainage): it’s necessary to drive one wheel forward while braking the other to stay straight, which is very tiring.

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Path distance
1.25 km (0.75) miles.

The large public car park at the end of Wishbone Way is alongside the lake at its northern tip. This car park also serves extensive sports facilities (including Woking Hockey Club) to the north of the lake.

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Arriva route 91 passes along Kirkland Avenue (see map). Wishbone Way is midway between the bus stops adjacent to Jasmine Close and Hawkswell Close.

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Royer Slater
September 2011


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