Brittens Pond, Salt Box Road, Guildford

Wheel Walks
There can be few better places for a short, easy and pleasant “wheelchair walk” near Guildford than at  Brittens Pond.Brittens Pond, Guildford, wheelchair walk

Salt Box Road, which links the A320 and A322 to the north of Guildford. The pond has its own car park on the north side of Salt Box Road, 200m to the east of the railway bridge. There are no toilets or other facilities.

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The 5.5 acre (2.3 hectare) pond has been the subject of extensive reclamation work in recent years by Surrey Wildlife Trust to boost wildlife and restore the banks to 19th-century levels.
Brittens Pond, Guildford, wheelchair walk
A complete circuit is 700m with continuous views across the pond which has three small islands and is populated by many ducks and other water fowl.

The site is ringed by trees, with glimpses of surrounding woodland and fields. The pond is managed for fishing by Guildford Angling Society.

The path is of compacted fine gravel and level, with seats at intervals.

Brittens Pond, Guildford, wheelchair walk
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May 2011

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