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Wheelchair Walks in SurreyWhen my walking deteriorated, I missed being able to do simple things like cycling to the local shops or going for long walks in the beautiful Surrey countryside. There was also doubt in my mind about visiting leisure attractions: how “accessible” are they – and what will I see?

Fortunately several places in our local area (West Surrey) are ideal for “wheelchair walks” (and therefore also for parents with pushchairs). And many of the region’s leisure venues, from museums to miniature railways, are readily accessible to people with reduced mobility.

I’m posting details of places for walks and leisure destinations here in the hope others may also enjoy them.

Simply click the “Wheelchair Walks” or “Pleasing Places” pictures below: each opens an index page of venues and locations. From these you can open a dedicated page for each entry: this provides details (including access information) and my personal experiences.  As this is “work in progress”, you may be taken to a “holding” page until I’ve visited venues and written up details over the coming months.

Please get in touch if you have a suggestion or notice something that’s wrong or could be improved upon – there’s a form here: You can also leave a comment on any page – please do!

Wheelchair Walks in Surrey
Royer Slater
February 2012
(Sections updated regularly)


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  1. Tiny Colleer says:

    Brilliant work Royer – I shall recommend the Accesible Places to the Cross Roads workers here in this area!


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